Török Béla

Curriculum vitae

nemescsooi Dr. Török Béla Antal Sándor Mária
1914 6th October born in Szeged Hungary to father Dr Török Béla lawyer in Szeged and later Royal Notary and Royal Government Senior Advisor and who was awarded the National Defence Cross and the Lipót Order. Mother was ittebei Kiss Katalin who had two ancestors from the martyrs of Arad, Generals Török Ignác and Kiss Ernö.
Schooling was in Szeged at the Piarist Gymnasium and the Klauzál Gábor Realgymnasium.
1936 completed Law at the Franz Josef University with “summa cum laude” and graduated as a doctor in Legal Studies.
1936-1937 served in the army in the newly formed Armoured Division.
1937-1939 had given a Government Scholarship for the Hungarian College of Berlin to further study Constitutional Law and allied subjects.
1938 began employment at the Szeged courts and then was transferred to the Budapest to the Royal Criminal Court, Judgement Department.
1940 October 5th was married in Budapest to Láng Ilona a school teacher from Miskolc Hungary.
1941 transferred to the Royal Justice Ministry and completed with honours the various judge and legal subjects.
1942 became father to László (Leslie) and in 1943 to Béla (Bill)
1941-1944 worked for many years at the Royal Justice Ministry in the Opinion Evaluation Department.
1944 was appointed to the last Ministers as private secretary.
1944 October 6th was called up for army service, his first assignment to find accommodation for retreating troops in Bavaria.
1945 May 8th Germany surrendered unconditionally and between June and October was in an American prison for enemy combatants at Hohenfels east of Nurnberg Germany.
1945 June became father to third son András (Andrew).
1946-1949 worked at UNRRA and IRO as supply officer.
1949 November migrated to Australia.
1949-1951was an administrative officer with various Australian import companies.
1952-1956 was a cost clerk with the Main Roads Department.
1957 became a member of the Society of Accountants of Australia.
1957-1967 worked as a public Accountant in Sydney.
1963 enrolled with the Barrister Admission Board and qualified as a Barrister November 1966.
As a migrant a number of his articles were printed in the Australian Hungarian newspapers and some in English, spoke at a number of significant events.
1970-1971 organised the St. Steven Free University and on June 4th 1970 in remembrance of Trianon his English language editorial appeared in the publicity publication.